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Welcome – You are Looking for Simple Ideas to Grow Sales, Right?

by on October 10, 2012  

grow salesAre you looking for revenue producing ideas – and perhaps a new and improved sales strategy for growing or speeding up sales? We are a nimble firm that is focused on sales enablement for mid-market technology and distribution companies. We are quick, enthusiastic, connected, and responsive. We listen and ask lots of questions – then put a program in place to train your sales reps. We do on-boarding for new sellers, and we love infusing an existing team with sales ideas they have not thought of before. Clients like our no-nonsense approach that mixes inbound with outbound sales efforts. We serve as a sales leader’s “secret weapon” for success. Connect with us and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Q3 B2B Tactical Sales Resources

by on June 28, 2012  

Here are some resources for sales professionals who are on the front lines, generating conversations, listening to prospects and customers online, and engaging with them by email, phone, video, and in person. This post was a combined effort from the whole team at Score More Sales after a team meeting where we shared resource ideas.

Get inspired! A single new idea or point of view could possibly help you SPICE up the sales pipeline (talked about previously) in the next couple of months so you can work efficiently and effectively.

Help Yourself Become a Better Listener / Speaker / Communicator:

Toastmasters: 13,000 clubs around the world meet in person. You’ll gain confidence speaking, learn how to better offer constructive suggestions, and improve leadership skills. It is a phenomenal organization – and each club has its own personality, so if you go and it doesn’t resonate for you, try another one. I suggest at least getting your “Competent Toastmaster” certificate – it is very affordable and extremely helpful in a supportive environment. They finally got modern and have an actual video that shows how a meeting works. Check it out!

Get some speaking instruction or coaching around speaking. Nothing could help you more when presenting your ideas and your company’s products and services to a group of prospects. Contact Lori directly and she’ll give you her list of top speaking coaches you should look into.

Learn to listen for what your customers and prospective customers are talking about online through focused social tools training. Are you maximizing LinkedIn to learn about your customer? How about Twitter?  Did you know that Twitter is a fantastic research tool, even if your company doesn’t tweet?

Hubspot has a very helpful article about Twitter for Business

Small Business Online Coach takes you understand by finding prospective customers through searching for “symptoms” with a post and video. Very helpful.

Communities That Offer You Many Sales Ideas –

OpenView Labs – always very well-written and helpful posts- for startups, SMB, and midmarket companies

Alltop for Sales – we are proud to be featured on this site created by marketing evangelist Guy Kawasaki – try not to spend hours on it!

SalesPro Cental – Sales Insights and Advice – hours of great content. Some of our content is seen there.

Jonathan Farrington & Associates – launches soon (Lori is one of the “associates”)

Top Sales World – whole “Hypermarket” of sales resources delivered by the top sales gurus in the world

Top Sales Management – only genuine totally dedicated site for sales leaders

Social Media Today – talks about the social customer in very engaging posts

Focus is a fantastic place to get many good sales, marketing, social media, and brand-building answers to a single question that you can ask, or you can see what others have asked.

You can also ask your best B2B sales questions at Sales Gurus that Docusign hosts.

LinkedIn Groups –

First of all, our team believes strongly that you should understand LinkedIn better. Learn about company and individual brand building on LinkedIn through this Mashable post and join groups in LinkedIn for your niche or profession.

Inside Sales Experts group on LinkedIn created by Trish Bertuzzi  with over 17,000 members. Go to LinkedIn and search under “groups”

Sales Shebang group on LinkedIn – for women in B2B selling, created by Jill Konrath with > 700 members  (as above, go to LinkedIn)

What are YOUR suggestions for great, B2B sales professional development resources? Please post as a comment and if it fits for B2B, and is educational, we’ll add it to the list.

Lori Richardson writes, speaks, and trains on sales topics for B2B mid-market technology front-line sales teams. Why not sign up for our twice-monthly newsletter,Sales Tips in a Minute or the blog rss feed? We value your time and promise good stuff for you. 

Referrals From Lost Deals

by on June 6, 2012  

Make the callsWe love referrals!!

Referrals are easier to contact, the deal closes in a shorter period of time, and the gross profit is better. Why would you NOT want to deal with referrals?

We have found that many sales people have no problem calling up existing clients to ask them for referrals but they do not call the people in their pipeline that they did not close. Do not miss out on this opportunity to get back in touch with your prospects. I receive many referrals from prospects that I did not close by following up to make sure everything is going smooth and if I can answer any questions. It amazes me the number of sales people who do not even follow-up with prospects that turn into clients. Who do you think Mr. Smith is going to give a referral to – the rep who did not even call after making the sale or the rep who lost the deal but still called to make sure that there was nothing else that he, or she, could add.

When you ask for referrals be prepared with a short list of contacts that you have researched and be ready to suggest 1 or 2 to get the ball rolling. After confirming the information name, phone etc. I immediately asked for permission to use Mr. Jones’ name when reaching out. I always wrote a short note thanking Mr. Jones for his help. I always kept Mr. Jones in the loop about how things were progressing with his referrals – you never know when they might cross paths and no one needs a surprise.

Do you ask the prospects who you do not end up doing business with for referrals? What obstacles come up when you ask? We look forward to your comments and you might just earn your self a “coffee card”

Watch These Sales & Marketing Thinkers in 2012 – Best of 2011

by on December 30, 2011  

thought leaders sales 7 marketing 2012As we wind down the year and look to turning a new leaf, it is time to recognize those who are working to improve the world of B2B selling and marketing – thanking them for what they do and encouraging you to reach out to learn and grow in the coming year. Developing professionally by expanding your knowledge is one of the best ways to grow market share. Please create a plan for your professional development in 2012. Keep these folks on your radar to do that:

Guy Kawasaki – you are enchanting.  Alltop is THE place to find great blogs on any topic and get a preview before you click.  Plus, like us, you love hockey.

Jill Konrath – you keep us thinking, and you write in a way that people “get it” – thanks for setting the bar high, for your focus, and for being a mentor to many of us in the selling profession

Jonathan Farrington – you are blazing a trail in sales and marketing leadership and have taught me how to rally the troops when you want to get something accomplished. I’m thrilled to be connected with Top Sales World.

Hubspot – you walk your talk in content creation and offer us amazing lessons in pull versus push.

Special Hubspot recognition – Dan Zarella – you work is amazing. Thanks for all the contribution of marketing data into the business world.

Gerhard, Lisa, Larissa and all at Selling Power and the Sales 2.0 Conferences – what great ideas you’ve brought to the B2B world.

The team at RainToday – you put out incredible stuff. Hope to meet you all in 2012.

Great sales and marketing aggregator sites like Focus  Top Sales World  Smart Selling Tools  The Customer Collective  Salesopedia     Eyes on Sales.

Cheerleaders for getting endorsements on your website: the Testimonial Director team. Chris and Colleen – love what you do.

New “magazine” approach (love this) of SoldLab also the G&B Magazine new digital magazines for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Nice stuff.

IBM – one word, Watson. How cool is he/it?  Also to the trailblazers within EMC, HP,  and other technology companies working to stay on top of business and grow it.

Marc Benioff – founder and creator of, you get our attention, and then you create amazing new products and services

Mari Smith – Your journey to prominence has been graceful and powerful. Continued success.

All my Sales Shebang peeps including @jillkonrath  @ardath421  @cfrancisvoice @goforno @sharpenz @annekeseley @annemillerny @eisellingpros  @danitabye  @debbiemrazek  @jeanettenyden @referralsales @kellymccormick_ @kendraleelka @upyourtelesales @sellingtools @bridgegroupinc @josianefeigon @salesdiva 

Twitter, Facebook for business, and LinkedIn – all B2B companies need to be using you in 2012.

Twitter at least for research and for listening. Facebook for a business page since everyone is there already, and LinkedIn to use deeper and broader than most B2B companies now use it.

My colleagues in B2B sales training, coaching, speaking, and writing – more about you soon. Special note to friend and colleague Miles Austin of Fill the Funnel, Craig Rosenberg of Funnelholic (with new baby this year!), also  Trish Bertuzzi (and Matt) at The Bridge Group and the consistent, helpful sales blogging of Anthony Iannarino.

We’re more proud of our blog at Score More Sales and our business Facebook page  than ever and are committed to great valuable content for you every business day of 2012. May I better absorb and learn about Google+, Quora, and other tools I feel we should understand.

Post the sites we missed as “comments”  – I promise it was not intentional – there is so much good stuff out there!

Call us if you need help with B2B sales prospecting, bringing B2B sales opportunities to closure, or getting your team fired up for 2012 – we travel throughout North America – and beyond, when invited.