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Watch These Sales & Marketing Thinkers in 2012 – Best of 2011

by on December 30, 2011  

thought leaders sales 7 marketing 2012As we wind down the year and look to turning a new leaf, it is time to recognize those who are working to improve the world of B2B selling and marketing – thanking them for what they do and encouraging you to reach out to learn and grow in the coming year. Developing professionally by expanding your knowledge is one of the best ways to grow market share. Please create a plan for your professional development in 2012. Keep these folks on your radar to do that:

Guy Kawasaki – you are enchanting.  Alltop is THE place to find great blogs on any topic and get a preview before you click.  Plus, like us, you love hockey.

Jill Konrath – you keep us thinking, and you write in a way that people “get it” – thanks for setting the bar high, for your focus, and for being a mentor to many of us in the selling profession

Jonathan Farrington – you are blazing a trail in sales and marketing leadership and have taught me how to rally the troops when you want to get something accomplished. I’m thrilled to be connected with Top Sales World.

Hubspot – you walk your talk in content creation and offer us amazing lessons in pull versus push.

Special Hubspot recognition – Dan Zarella – you work is amazing. Thanks for all the contribution of marketing data into the business world.

Gerhard, Lisa, Larissa and all at Selling Power and the Sales 2.0 Conferences – what great ideas you’ve brought to the B2B world.

The team at RainToday – you put out incredible stuff. Hope to meet you all in 2012.

Great sales and marketing aggregator sites like Focus  Top Sales World  Smart Selling Tools  The Customer Collective  Salesopedia     Eyes on Sales.

Cheerleaders for getting endorsements on your website: the Testimonial Director team. Chris and Colleen – love what you do.

New “magazine” approach (love this) of SoldLab also the G&B Magazine new digital magazines for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Nice stuff.

IBM – one word, Watson. How cool is he/it?  Also to the trailblazers within EMC, HP,  and other technology companies working to stay on top of business and grow it.

Marc Benioff – founder and creator of, you get our attention, and then you create amazing new products and services

Mari Smith – Your journey to prominence has been graceful and powerful. Continued success.

All my Sales Shebang peeps including @jillkonrath  @ardath421  @cfrancisvoice @goforno @sharpenz @annekeseley @annemillerny @eisellingpros  @danitabye  @debbiemrazek  @jeanettenyden @referralsales @kellymccormick_ @kendraleelka @upyourtelesales @sellingtools @bridgegroupinc @josianefeigon @salesdiva 

Twitter, Facebook for business, and LinkedIn – all B2B companies need to be using you in 2012.

Twitter at least for research and for listening. Facebook for a business page since everyone is there already, and LinkedIn to use deeper and broader than most B2B companies now use it.

My colleagues in B2B sales training, coaching, speaking, and writing – more about you soon. Special note to friend and colleague Miles Austin of Fill the Funnel, Craig Rosenberg of Funnelholic (with new baby this year!), also  Trish Bertuzzi (and Matt) at The Bridge Group and the consistent, helpful sales blogging of Anthony Iannarino.

We’re more proud of our blog at Score More Sales and our business Facebook page  than ever and are committed to great valuable content for you every business day of 2012. May I better absorb and learn about Google+, Quora, and other tools I feel we should understand.

Post the sites we missed as “comments”  – I promise it was not intentional – there is so much good stuff out there!

Call us if you need help with B2B sales prospecting, bringing B2B sales opportunities to closure, or getting your team fired up for 2012 – we travel throughout North America – and beyond, when invited.

Business Tribute to Veterans, Social Entrepreneurs, and Non-profits Helping Others

by on November 11, 2011  

All of us at Score More Sales wish to thank veterans of all eras for everything. My dad was a WWII Navy veteran and also served in the Korean War. He passed on this year, but I will always remember how dedicated he was to serving others and that he felt it his responsibility to serve. At his assisted living center last Veteran’s Day, they had a special event to recognize all those who served and I’ll never forget the sense of pride these elder folks had, even years after they served.  Thanks dad, and the many members of the military who serve us selflessly.

There are lots of big name activists and companies doing good. Just this week I’ve been exposed to a number of very interesting folks in business to serve others, or in non-profits to serve others. I wanted to recognize a few of them, since they are not big household names and causes – (yet) on this day of thinking about serving others – in hopes that you might be motivated to join in one of these causes:

Mike McCamon of – One billion people in the world lack safe drinking water. This cause is very interesting in that they can help you help them in an active or in a very passive manner. Check them out and how they offer you options to get involved. Oh, and take a look at their current focus - World Toilet Day

Tiziana Dearing is the CEO of an organization called Boston Rising.  It is one of those great local mighty causes that you hear about and want to help. Their mission is to end poverty in Boston by clearing a path for the next rising class. They mobilize resources and invest for the future. Tiziana is a passionate speaker and I expect I’ll be hearing a lot more about her in the months and years to come.

Tickets for Charity is a Boston based company that obtains tickets from sports organizations (like the Boston Red Sox) and sells them with a percentage of the proceeds going to support that sports organization’s charity. In the case of the Red Sox, over a million dollars has been raised for their foundation.

What causes can you help through your business that are win/win? Why not grow business and help change the world while you are doing it?

Post your ideas and how your business helps fight the issues in our world. We’ll post them and share with others.

Lori Richardson is the Sales Detective at Score More Sales. She helps B2B companies bring more and better sales to closure. Sign up for the blog, tweet with us, grow company revenues, and change the world. 

Honoring an Amazing Man & What He Taught Me

by on May 1, 2011  

What can you say in a business blog about something so personal – the relationship you had with a parent? I write today because who you are outside of the office directly impacts who you are at the office. Luckily for me, my father, David Wesley Richardson was quite the influence in my life – and sadly, his days on Earth came to an end this past week after a long illness at age 87.

He was an entrepreneur after all – co-owning a pharmacy in North Seattle for many years. His father, whom my dad never had the chance to meet, was also a pharmacist and died a few months before my dad was born.

My dad had the qualities one needs in business and in life – honesty, integrity, intelligence, and a big heart. He was a veteran of both WWII as well as the Korean War. In the 1980’s, he and my mom took in a family of 10 Chinese Cambodian refugees – that’s after raising five kids of their own.

The biggest thing my dad instilled in me, however – is about kindness. I can’t think of anyone he didn’t like – and I can’t think of anyone he talked about behind their back. This is the characteristic I will work to hone as time goes by. It is SO easy to put others down – especially when they are not there to defend themselves. Everyone has some redeeming qualities. As my dad worked in his church or as a pharmacist, he’d extend a hand to anyone – at least once. He’d use his big smile to help disarm someone and make them feel welcome or appreciated.

While my dad also encouraged us to “go with the flow” and not stand out too much – I realize now that it was more of a survival strategy than style lesson. For a long time, I felt that was bad advice – and have always worked to stand out in business  – using my own voice, ideas, and uniqueness. Now I look back and realize he did the same – with his singing voice, his many selfless actions, and good natured personality.

In recent years, I was able to spend hundreds of hours with my dad due to his slowly progressing disease which did not slow him down until just the last six months.

Today I awoke, like a kid on Christmas, wondering if his obituary would hit the paper as planned – it did. I welcome you to read it if you haven’t already, to give you a bigger sense of a great man. I’m hopeful that another one of us here on Earth can step in for dad – because we need more people like the man he was.

My dad was a devoted family man and loved all five of us kids. With his slow progression he gave us kids ample opportunity to become closer – a lasting gift that I hope everyone can experience.

Dad and I shared a couple of special things – we were both the youngest of five kids, and we were both born on Easter. It was only fitting that he left on Easter eve – on a standout sunny day like no other – the city of Seattle had experienced in months.  I was there, along with one of my brothers and one of my sisters – as we honored the man who brought us into the world – and encouraged him to “fly, fly away.” He will be missed, but never forgotten – after all, he sets the bar high for me in business and in life.

There Is No Substitute for Top Notch

by on October 19, 2010  

Willows Lodge Offsite

Willows Lodge Offsite

It’s a term that originated in the 1820’s – “top-notch”. It means outstanding, notable, superior.

Quality surroundings, impeccable customer service, and amazing attention to detail creates a great first impression and begins the foundations of customer loyalty.

That is the experience I received recently at one of the top resort spas in the country – it is here in the Pacific Northwest – a place called Willows Lodge in wine-friendly Woodinville, Washington.

Staying at a top hotel or spa reminds one of what really makes an impression – and it is not from being mediocre or middle-of-the-road. Average gets you nowhere. Now more than ever, you and your business need to stand out.

Since traveling my fair share this year, I’ve come to accept average in hotel stays – that’s why it was such a treat to be somewhere that made me feel special. I didn’t want to leave.

Special comes in many forms – I can generalize at this point, rather than fawning over the lovely hotel I happened to stay at and mention key reasons locations like this become memorable:

– Offering services that their industry counterparts don’t

– Making a great product – the food, in this case, was unbelievable. The rooms were delightful. I facilitated for a client with 30 of their employees, and at the end of the day, I felt like the location / food / service helped ME make this a memorable day for my client.  The location was my secret sauce – and yet, I hadn’t even been the one to select the site. It supported me anyway and allowed everyone to focus on learning.

– Allowing one to “escape” –  to feel that you are a million miles away because of the beautiful surroundings

So – how do YOU offer “top-notch” service? What can you extend to your customers and those potential clients to give a better sense of the value you offer? What is your “spa retreat” service and how will you know whether it resonates with your client base? Post your thoughts – let’s get the discussion going!