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Top Lessons from Dreamforce 14

by on October 17, 2014  

top takeaways from DF14After attending my 7th Dreamforce conference / party / experience this week, I can’t help but post on some of the top takeaways as a participant and attendee.

I remember a few years back when Mark Benioff, CEO and founder of said there would be 100K attendees at the event that year – it seemed like a bit of an exaggeration – for PR purposes. Maybe there were 80K, maybe 100K, but it didn’t feel crazy. Continue reading

Your Midsize Company Wants To Get Into Social Selling

by on October 15, 2014  

get into social sellingA mid-sized, mid-market company has some great advantages over a giant, slow-to-change organization when it comes to shifting to a more social approach to learn about your buyers and reach those buyers. After all, buyers are online and are reaching out for social proof about the services and products they seek for their businesses. Some are even looking for you socially. Where are you? Continue reading