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Four Ways the Cloud Helps Sales Grow

by on November 26, 2014  

how the cloud will grow salesImagine a time when you can work totally on the go with your mobile device – phone or tablet – to create business, follow-up with customers, train your team, assess your pipeline, and work a smooth system. Not only will those in sales be able to manage their territories this way but also sales leaders will have incredible access to data and insights – even being able to reinforce learning . Continue reading

Women Sales Experts Share Quotes Infographic

by on November 25, 2014  

sales quotes for inspirationEarlier this year, LinkedIn started a discussion about women in sales. There was the infographic that got the discussion kicked off. Some debated the findings, but all of us agree on the value of discussing diversity. A number of us shared content about our own stories of getting into sales.  What I found interesting is that many of my female peers in sales or sales effectiveness got into sales accidentally. I, on the other hand, intentionally chose a career in technology sales where I could earn the same or more as my male counterparts. Not bad thinking for a 22 year old single mom, right? Continue reading

Sales Cheers and Self Evaluation

by on November 19, 2014  

Speaking at Hubspot about Sales Prospecting SuccessI spoke this week to a group of sales professionals at the new monthly Sales Accelerators event at Hubspot in Cambridge, MA. It is a new event here in the Boston area for sales reps to network, meet and mingle with others. Hubspot is a great host, and I was thrilled to be invited to have a Q&A at the front of the room to discuss prospecting issues and ideas. Continue reading