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Where to Find Women B2B Sales Experts

by on July 24, 2014  

Where to find top women sales expertsI met world-renowned sales expert Jill Konrath virtually back in 2005 or so, after she had written her first best-selling sales book, Selling to Big Companies. Her book came out, I read it, and I wrote a review for my fledgling B2B sales blog. I sent her an e-mail about the post, we had a phone conversation, and that conversation began a wonderful friendship and mentorship that I treasure. Continue reading

Understand The Power of Social Sales

by on July 22, 2014  

research the power of social salesMidmarket companies and larger SMBs seem to fall into three camps: the ones who understand the power of social sales and actively work to build a plan of action, the ones who are coming around to this idea but not doing much yet, and those who are turning a blind eye and are missing a great window of opportunity. Continue reading

Money Monday Enthusiasm Rules

by on July 21, 2014  

Crank up enthusiasm to grow salesEnthusiasm for what you do as a professional seller is one of the main keys to success. Think of someone you met in recent months, or saw online who has a passion for life and a fervor for their career. They do what they love.

In selling, like no other profession, you need an energy and enthusiasm level that is great – enthusiasm rules. That does not mean “over the top” or artificial, but genuine. I’ve found that the best sellers truly love what they do, and it is conveyed through their voice, accomplishments, and revenues.  They don’t always love the boss they work for, but they are passionate about solving buyer issues and winning them over on their product and service solutions. Continue reading