Of Value Propositions and Elevator Pitches for B2B

  • http://callboxinc.com/ Judy Caroll

    Hi Lori, 

    Glad I found you;)  It’s very true that our company needs to have a clear and compelling value proposition to our target audience.  If we cannot clearly define the value proposition for our company, we are making it difficult for our sales reps to be able to sell our products/services.  I will definitely agree with having a regular session with the entire team to be able to come up with a clear and one value proposition.

    Thanks again,  


  • Lori Richardson

    Judy, glad to know you. It seems like a challenge to get everyone to clear their calendar for such basic things as discussing the value the company (and your products and services bring) – yet so critical to get everyone on the same page. Sometimes you can sneak a session in at a regularly scheduled sales meeting.

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